Winter boredom busters for pets

There has been a lot in the national press and media recently about how our dogs ( and i also think our cats) are not getting out and about as much as usual due to the extremely wet weather, and severe windy conditions.  This has resulted in some quite depressed animals or ones who are entertaining themselves, by chewing destructively or other unwanted behaviours.

I have a good range of pet toys and interactive feeders for both cats and dogs for sale. Kong products are sturdy, well designed and loved by most pets. I also have dog food maze puzzles, Nina Ottoson products, and really good cat scratching posts.  I have some “brain games” books and books on basic clicker training.  Any purchase will also include a  free leaflet with fun games you can play with your pets, whatever the weather.

At the moment i do not have an online store as such, but here is the link for the catalogue, do just email me or ring me with an order. I am also happy to give out free advice on the use of any of the products and the suitability for your particular furry friend.