What next?

Its been an interesting few months!  From my personal point of view it has been challenging, but i have learnt new skills and become involved in an exciting new online project as an expert support person. I have continued  to support people and their pets throughout lockdown, but sadly not in person.   However what i have found is that when you can coach and support using zoom or whatsapp or both, it can be a real positive and promotes engagement and can be very helpful with getting to the details of the struggles involved.  So looking forward, i will be offering one 2 one   in person sessions from Monday 29th ( following all government guidelines) and continuing to offer the remote learning and sessions for those families further away or for any reason can’t or don’t feel comfortable yet with in person tutoring.  Or … probably a combination of both…. best of both worlds!!

Group classes will be on offer soon… watch this space!