Relaxed sniffing – why is it so important? all the year round


Dogs as we all know have amazing scenting prowess.  However do we always let our pet dogs explore their scent world as we should.  Puppies in particular are learning what all these smells are all about, and hence have a need to stay sniffing to work things out.  For us humans who have different sensory priorities,  the long sniff on a walk, in the rain and cold can be quite challenging.  In the above photos, 3 puppies at a foundation puppy class are working out what the novel object is that was placed in the room.  The other photo is of 2 dogs off lead working out the ins and outs of the pile of grass clippings.  We all like to take our dogs out on a walk, on or off lead.  The ” goal” for these walks can be a range of things: Toileting, exercise, fresh air, exploring new places, or even going to the pub!  We do need to look at these outings from the pet dog point of view.  Finding out by scent who and what has just been along the route, is top of their list often, enjoying different scents in different weather conditions, but how often are we all guilty of encouraging them to ” come on”  “lets go” .  So maybe plan a sniffari for your dog the next time you are out, deliberately go to places you know your dog will enjoy sniffing about, even visit a local garden centre or pet shop…. relax…. enjoy it too.