Keeping Positive in current times

As we all know, everyone is going through such a range of change at the moment, individuals deal with or cope  with changes and emotional roller coasters differently.  It can be the same for your pets.  They are also living amongst the heightened emotions, and can be affected by these.  So my big message is  – Be aware that changes in our behaviour can affect our animal companions, be kind, play more games, do some trick training, log onto an online course, and it can be your one exercise outing a day – with  your dogs.  If you have more than one person in your household – then maybe the dog gets lots of walks!

As you can understand, i have had to curtail all my classes, activity courses and one 2 one’s unless it is a really urgent case…. then all the government guidelines will be met.

However, lots can be done remotely. I am starting up Skype sessions for advice, and assessment. Whatsapp groups and correspondence by email for current clients where possible.  As soon as possible i will be developing my own online courses….. watch this space.  In the meantime, if you would like where best to access, fun, informative and interesting courses, whether it is for Puppies or adult dogs, let me know and i will signpost you in the right direction.  – just email or phone me on my mobile.

I am showing a range of activities and games for free on my Pet-Positive facebook page, and there will be another mailchimp newsletter out soon.

Restores safety for you and your dog to walk at night, especially in winter. Lights up from all directions.