Welcome to the Pet-Positive online shop

**  Now reopened, everything at reduced prices… limited time only **

All the products have been personally selected by me and my Quality Assurance Team aka Tess the spaniel, Molly the terrier and Lottie the cat.

The products will come with a free additional guidance/training leaflet to help you get the most out of your purchase.

Some products come with manufacturer’s guarantees

•  Lupine Originals Leads and Collars come with a lifetime guarantee, even if chewed up by your puppy or dog!
•  The Zogoflex® toys and treat dispensers products (Toppl, Tux, Jive, Boz) are exceptional and give a one time replacement guarantee if damaged or chewed.

The harnesses I stock are extremely comfortable and adjustable. Using cheap ill-fitting equipment on your dog, can make them anxious or nervous.

I do hope you enjoy browsing. You can contact the Pet-Positive team on 07771 755313 or by email (info@pet-positive.co.uk) with any queries.

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