Zogoflex Boz Dog Ball


  • Light and soft ball for dogs to catch in flight
  • More durable than a tennis ball
  • High bounce and floatable for all-terrain fun
  • Floats high, the perfect dog ball for water play
  •  Dishwasher safe
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Zogoflex Boz® Dog Ball is light and bouncy and soft enough for dogs to catch with their mouths. Boz™ (rhymes with nose) dog ball has a durable exterior texture that engages fetch fanatics.

While human hands can’t typically squish Boz®, dogs can compress the ball between their teeth giving them a satisfying endorphin release.

Unlike a tennis ball, the Boz® is durable, squishy and doesn’t contain any toxic glues or lead.

Size small fits in a standard ball thrower.

Thanks to its light weight air-injected centre, the Zogoflex Boz® Dog Ball floats higher so it’s easier for swimming dogs to spot.

Like all Zogoflex products, Zogoflex Boz® Dog Ball is made in the USA, guaranteed (one time replacement), non-toxic, PBA and Phthalate-fee and dishwasher safe.

The Zogoflex Boz®Dog Ball is still strong, but certainly not as durable as the classic Zogoflex toys. Zogoflex Air toys are designed for play for high-energy dogs that are more focused on fetching and less focused on chewing.

For heavy-duty chewers we recommend Zogoflex Tux® or Jive®.

2 sizes – 2in and 4in.

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