Nature+ Skin & Coat Oil


A skin, coat and joint conditioning oil for dogs and cats. This is a concentrated and versatile essential fatty acid (EFA) formula.


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Nature+ Skin & Coat Oil contains all natural ingredients

This is an advanced skin, coat and joint conditioning oil for dogs and cats. This is the most concentrated and versatile essential fatty acid (EFA) formula available.

Plus – an overall wellness supplement for body organs and tissues using an advanced extra strength formula which has been developed by vets and used by vets in the UK.

For pets of all ages with skin, coat or allergy problems such as, atopy, itchy or dry skin or coat lacking in shine or condition. Atopy is an allergic reaction to something in the environment such as pollens, grasses, dust mites, flea or food allergy to name a few.

This is an amazing product which may also help support joint and other inflammatory diseases – including, osteoarthritis, autoimmune disease, cardiovascular disease (heart and kidney function), cancer, asthma, cognitive function and overall body health

This is one of the most potent, advanced formulations of bioactive marine lipid concentrates available.

Extra strength omega 3 fatty acid oil formulation rich in EPA (eicosapentaneoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaneoic acid), previously only sold by vets in the UK.


Give with meals ½ teaspoon for each 10kg of body weight daily or as recommended by your Vet. Contains approximately 47 teaspoons per 236mL bottle.

Active Ingredients:

Marine lipid concentrate, lecithin, zinc (as gluconate), rosemary extract (as an antioxidant and preservative), biotin, vitamin E (tocopherol acetate)