Nature+ Calm Care 50 capsules


Calming Supplement for Dogs and Cats of all ages

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All Natural Ingredients

This Advanced Extra Strength Veterinary formulation has been developed, approved and used by vets in the UK.

Designed to help support anxiety, worry or stress related problems, such as separation anxiety, boarding away from home, travelling, dealing with new situations, change of environment, loud noises, phobias or just general worriers.

This product may also help with aggressive dogs and cats having L-tryptophan as one of the main ingredients. L-tryptophan is believed to be a mood stabilising and calming supplement. Also Valerian Root Extract and Magnesium may exhibit calming and soothing qualities. However, professional advice from a qualified behaviourist should always be sought re aggressive behaviour.

There is also a specialist ingredient called Ashwaganda Extract which may help anxiety and stress related behavioural issues due to its relaxant and calming properties which could also help with arthritis and degenerative conditions. In summary Ashwaganda is thought to promote a feeling of well-being, may help with relaxation and sleep and could be good for anxiety and irritability issues.

Directions for Use:

For animals up to 10kg give one capsule daily, for each additional 10kg bodyweight give one extra capsule. Capsules can be given whole or opened and mixed with food.

Active Ingredients:

L-tryptophan (pharmaceutical grade), Valerian Root Extract (Valeriana officinalis), Ashwaganda Extract (Withania somnifera), Catnip Extract (Nepetacataria), Chameilia sinesis Extract, Calcium (aspartate), Magnesium (aspartate)