Lupine Adjustable Collar


Adjustable designer collars, made from woven jacquard and with a lifetime guarantee, even if chewed.

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Lupine’s adjustable collars are made of premium jacquard woven nylon. Always trendy and stylish, they are never printed or ribbon overlaid and always tested for colour fastness. These products use the same durable components found in climbing and hiking gear and a custom extra-strength buckle ensuring you can count on Lupine time and time again. Lupine products will stand the rigors of time and keep your pet looking good too!

Guaranteed for life, “Even If Chewed”!   These collars (and matching leads) have a lifetime guarantee, proof of purchase and either the damaged item or a sent photo of damaged item is required, but you will then be sent a replacement immediately. I have never come across such a good guarantee for a pet product before…..brilliant.

Available in four designs, with two widths and two sizes.

Additional information

Collar Length

9-14in, 13-22in, 12-20in, 16-28in

Collar/Lead Design

Beetle Mania, Go Go Gecko, Tail Feathers, Rain Song

Collar Width

1in, 3/4in